Dountain Mew

Last night's Mew set was nothing but amazing. Quite different than the previous 2 shows I saw in September. No "Comforting Sounds" as a closer, which is fine with me, but they played "Silas the Magic Car" and "Snow Brigade." Interestingly enough, they opened with "Hawaii," which is my favorite song off of the latest album.

The crowd was into it. The projector was spot on with even more spectacular visuals. One of the funnier visuals I still recall is a demonic looking chihuahua barking at the camera (minus the actual barking noises, thankfully). Pretty funny stuff, but cool nonetheless.

A special treat last evening was a solo piano performance by Jonas playing New Terrain/Nervous. That was nice.

Please note: there were yappers on both side of me talking continuously throughout the set and I was with a friend. I couldn't really escape cause my friend wouldn't have had a clue. Perhaps I should have warned her beforehand. I will do that next time. Anyways, this was a very big pain in the ass to "eq," so I just normalized each track individually. That's why "New Terrain/Nervous" is so loud (that was normalized to -2db, while the remaining set was normalized to 0db).

Without further adieu:

Mew, V0mp3

Ahh yes, I need to post the Minus the Bear show from November. These guys are very good live and the technicality of the music is so subtle. Enjoy this set:

Minus The Bear, V0mp3


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