Nueva Black Pelican

Ok, here's an update. I did the Pelican set this morning and uploaded this early this afternoon to find out that I have the songs mixed up. Pelican's Ephemeral EP does not have the correct titles for the first 2 songs--they were switched! SOOOO, the first song of the set is:

Embedding the Moss

Then, the 4th song is:


Well, I'm not going to re-upload the zip file cause I already uploaded it. So your job after you've downloaded it to your computer. It would be recommended that
'you' switch the song titles correctly on whatever you use for your mp3s. Capiche?

Without further adieu:

Pelican, V0mp3s

Last night I uploaded the set for Black Cobra. This is a great and phenomenal set by this awesome 2 pc. They mostly played off of their 1st and recent album. NOTE: the previous set from 2008 will need to be redone so that I can "eq" it better. Those files from 2008 were just normalized to 0db. OK, here it is:

Black Cobra, V0mp3s

RE: Sweet Cobra set from 10/28/09

I sent an email to their myspace to get some help on song titles from that setlist. Altho I do have everything they've released, it's just that I need the "new" edirol (when it arrives) to rip the 12" EP they released. The mp3s are ready, they just need names!!!

By request, I uploaded an older show but these are also normalized to 0db and not eq'd. This is the set from Spaceland of Nueva Vulcano from 2008 with the Life and Times (7/24/08):

Nueva Vulcano AAC m4a


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