...Of The Actuary Horizon

Sabor Lounge was an interesting place. Small dive bar near downtown LA and not the safest neighborhood either. 4 bands played on June 8th and it started with Kill Kill Kill, ...Of The Horizon, Destroy Judas, and Aranya. Unfortunately my ride arrived right when the last band, Aranya went on. I wanted to stay but going home was more important. ...Of the Horizon played an awesome set and played a brand new song, called "Witch At the Helm." Brilliantly blistering as Iron Mike blasted our ears out with his Green Cab monstrosity. Steve and Bill always are an awesome team of being the rhythm section for this band. Oh yeah, the gong was tight too... Here's ...Of The Horizon's set:

...Of The Horizon / V0mp3

WOAH! It's not The Actuary, it's just Actuary. Never heard anything like it. It's a wall of sound, almost like a jet engine roaring and warming up to Mach 1. This is just 1 track non-stop of solid sound. Luckily I started recording at the beginning of their set as it crescendos louder and louder. This is Actuary:

Actuary / V0mp3


  1. wow this is great stuff how did you find these guys??

  2. Hey Tobias! I discovered ...Of The Horizon opening for Black Cobra earlier this year. Steve Shigley the drummer is super cool and has kept me up to date with their shows. I have a few more too that need to be released. I'll work on those as well. Thanks for your interest!!!


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