The Yoleus hail from Minnesota, an instrumental math rock band. The first album, "NightmareCircleVision," was amazing and had a ton of hooks. Their newest release, "Splain," is a tad bit of a new direction for this powertrio. There are songs with a bit of saxophone and keyboards. Jeremy of The Yoleus told me in an email that this will be the last release in this style of music since it's... hmm, not as popular as it once was. Most bands are going the post-rock route. I'm not an expert on this and correct me if I'm wrong though, it's sad to say that The Yoleus will steer in a new direction possibly? Oh yeah, Jeremy, I hope you don't mind me blogging this, but the new album is great and I wish that math rock was more prevalent in these "Post" times. I haven't picked out a favorite on "Splain" yet, but I'll post a part two for this review.

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