The Hand, The Wuss, The Polygraph

The last Open Hand show of 2010 was at the Rainbow Room. A small quaint place but perfect for rocking out to their tunes. This was the 2nd time the Hand played the song, "The Kaleidoscope." The 1st time they played it live was at the Key Club opening for Helmet. That was a good night too...

Open Hand / V0 mp3

This was the first band to open on a New Years Day @ The Blvd in Boyle Heights. Wuss is a doomy/hardcore band. The guitars were nice and loud. Short and sweet set!

Wuss / V0 mp3

2nd band of the New Years Day @ The Blvd. This band had a super talented drummer and beautiful melodies from the guitars and was supported by a nice low end from the bass. Reminded me of Russian Circles and Red Sparowes.

Polygraph / V0 mp3


  1. Wuss worked, but I just updated the other 2. I just tried d/ling them and it should be good!


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