Ok, Rosetta is almost ready, sorry to those folks who've been asking me about both their sets from last year. They will see the light of day!!! Mike Armine just needs to email me the song titles from the Vacation Vinyl in-store and The Blvd show.

Now for the linkage, Deafheaven hails from San Francisco, CA. A great band that I found out got signed by Deathwish within 4 months of its inception. I have to confirm this to see if my friend was right in telling me this. They're an incredible band. The easiest way for me to describe them is Japan's Envy. They played a short set @ Vacation Vinyl with the Funeral Pyre. If you meet them in person, they are all stand up dudes!

Deafheaven / V0

This is a performance that is cut off at the end since I had to wait for my ride out in the front to pick me up. I prolly missed 1 or 2 songs by Polygraph. I think this was my 3rd or 4th time seeing them. My new favorite locals!

Polygraph / V0

Silver Snakes is a Burbank, CA based band that features an ole friend Daniel of Bleeding Kansas/Horse The Band fame. This was a great night of catching up with him. The last time I recall seeing Dan was @ a house party where Bleeding Kansas played and I hung out with some of the Horse The Band guys that evening. Well anyways, he's playing drums in this outfit and this band is awesome. Fugazi-esque for sure.

Silver Snakes / V0


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