Young Animals As Widows

Boy, I haven't touched this blog in quite awhile. Although I've learned a way to batch process a WAV, finding the time to work on my boots is a pain...

Young Widows put on a great show at the Satellite. They were nice and loud, great set all around. My buddy's band, Polygraph, opened the evening and that will be uploaded shortly. Followed by My Disco from Austrailia--loud band, although they have ultra repetitive riffs, they were pretty good.

Young Widows / V0mp3

A 5 band bill will often stretch out the sets to the point that the headliner will have to sacrifice some of their time to allow the other acts to have enough stage time. Well, case in point, Animals As Leaders played a ~50min set. I was surprised to see some of the shorter segue type songs played like "Point to Point" or "Modern Meat." Enjoy the new song tho, it's pretty rad.

Animals As Leaders / V0mp3


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