Polygraph Of The Mountain Battles

Great set by Polygraph (Post-Shoegaze) @ a bowling alley known as Eagle Rock's All Star Lanes. Captured a new song live so far tentatively called, "Untitled #2." Polygraph was the most memorable band of that night. I think this was my 6th or 7th time seeing them maybe?

Polygraph V0 / mp3

The mighty Troubadour held a night of Club My War, which is Awesome Eddie Solis's booking name/promoter name. There were 5 bands, which starred Eddie's band, It's Casual (Hardcore/Skatecore), Aeges (Post Hardcore), GFP featuring Pro Skater Tony Alva (Punk), Auto-Modown (Stoner Rock), and ...Of The Horizon (Psychedelic Doom). The following zip file is ...Of The Horizon's set in which they unveiled 2 new songs!!! NOTE: upon D/L, please update the song titled "Light" to "Light to Light" and "Williamette" to "Willamette." Those 2 songs were great, definitely a nice set by the trio:

...Of The Horizon V0 / mp3

My buddy Scott Carlson plays bass for Iron Mountain (Instrumental Doom/Sludge) who played at the Handbag Factory in Downtown LA. I filmed video of this set, but will have to figure a way to match the audio to the video. Here's the audio of the set!

Iron Mtn V0 / mp3

Battles (Mathcore) from New York played a smashing set at the Glass House. Terrific use of looping pedals. Just absolutely amazing live. I love Ice Cream!

Battles V0 / mp3


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