...OF the new release on THE HORIZON

Hey folks, been awhile since I've posted. Just want to let you all know that I have a pulse still and kicking this shell alive again! Here's a link you all should check out if you like psychedelic doom metal. You might have D/Led their live sets or may not have, but this has serious groove and they're good friends of mine. If you haven't heard of the band, "...Of The Horizon," then check out their soundcloud of 6 newly recorded tunes!

Cloud of the Sound/...Of The Horizon

Recorded in the loving arms of the desert, this powertrio knows how to deliver the goods. I've might've seen this band about a handful of times and might have a couple unreleased bootlegs. Do yourself a favor and check out this band! They're awesome!

Highlights of this album are: Summit Priest, Hall Of The Drunken King Pt 1&2, and Gladhander!


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