Ghostest with the Mostest

February 2nd, 2012--I saw a Ghost! I mean Ghost! Wow this show was spectacular with their set in particular, with the tapestries, the robes of each musician and the frontman! Woah! He was dressed like an archbishop with the face painted as a skull. The music was straightforward metal in the blues sense I think? It was fun to watch mainly, but the music is okay. The shock value was definitely there and I was impressed in that aspect. I came in with virgin ears and loved the theatrics! It's just metal, not heavy metal, per se...

The opener for the night was Ancient VVisdom, which seemed like a cool name, but the music lacked something. The drummer/percussionist/lead singer or rather percussionist had only a snare, floor tom, hi-hat, cymbal, and a machete as a... erm, cowbell. He stood while singing... Well the music would fair much better if they had a standard drummer... If there was a regular drummer I could see the music being heavier and more entertaining. I didn't think they were great, but they still warmed up the night before the 2nd band on the bill...

Blood Ceremony was awesome, the girl sang, played keyboards, and played flute. It was a breath of fresh air to see a girl front a metal band that had charisma and charm. The whole set was great for them, the crowd was into it. 4 piece from Canada.

Ghost set:

Ghost / V0mp3


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