Post #150!!! Well, it's nearly the end of March and I haven't posted much. Well^2, I will make it up to you by uploading 3 sets: Author & Punisher and Bastard Noise @ Los Globos and Prong @ The Slidebar. The 1st 2 sets were from a rescheduled night and combined 2 bills from 5 Star Bar--only thing is that 2 bands were nicked off this bill which happen to be my buddy's band, Bear Baiting and Axxon (sp?).

Anyways, Author & Punisher surely brought the Industrial Doom Noise to Los Globos with his arsenal of his own engineered instruments. With a mechanical engineering degree, A&P designed his own instruments. Bastard Noise was next and reminded me the time that Adam Jones and Buzz Melvin showed up to do a set of noise--Bastard Noise is bastard noise!

Author and Punisher / V0mp3

Bastard Noise / V0mp3

Last night's Prong set was amazing! 15 songs @ the Slidebar in Fullerton. Aww man, brings back memories of seeing Prong during the Cleansing album era songs. Tommy sounded great and performed great as well. His drummer and bassist were swell...

Prong / V0mp3


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