The Refused Party Program '12 / Scion set #5 - YoB

Wow, this was a mighty highlight of 2012 already! One of the most memorable shows I've ever been to.

4/6/12: Glass House announces the details for ticket/list on 4/10/12--Only Origami will sell tix @ noon on that day when they open. Only 100 tix sold at 3 locations and a 2 ticket limit.
4/9/12: Midnite, Alex picks me up from Molly Malone's and we head over to Origami. No line yet.
4/10/12: Last minute update, the tix went onsale @6pm instead of the noon time which was updated on their blog. 1st set of people in line was 730am and then 9am. By noon to 3pm, there were ~25ppl in line. Then by ~4pm, it was about ~40.
4/12/12: 2 days after "presale," the show happened.

What an explosive night, it was something to remember for sure. Dennis was in top form and was doing his Robert Plant-esque mic throwing. I did not record the entire intro music, but got enough up until the 1st song they performed. NOTE: The Glass House show was the 1st show that Refused played in California--Dennis remarked that this was the smallest show that they played in CA. Yesterday, Friday the 13th, Refused played their first Coachella date of weekend #1. It was worth waiting 18 hours to get tix on Tuesday. Thanks, Shon, for buying my ticket. Enjoy this long set!

REFUSED / V0mp3s

Scion FREE show on 3/31/12 where Yob played 4 songs! The last song of the set IS a treat, too! That song clocks in @21min! Amazing set for a FREE show and the singer/guitarist's vocals were top notch. Very talented, can scream/yell while playing guitar... Enjoy this set by Yob:

YoB / V0mp3s


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