Thirty Ought Six 1996 Whisky A Go Go REDONE

Hi folks, I just touched up this set that I recorded in 1996. What's already up on my server is just AAC/Apple codec encoded files (m4a). This newly redone/not really restored version of the May 21, 1996 show is now in Variable Bitrate mp3s (VBRs). I've outgrown my AAC files and now stick to just plain old mp3 but in V0 format... Sorry about the jargon, but this is for the audiophile in most of us...

Anyways, the earlier version of this set I did not include the in between song banter on the m4a files. This version however, does include me talking (not to forget those song requests!!!), some of Josh Klinghoffer commenting, and Tyrone Thompson chuckling here and there.

For your enjoyment:

.30-06 / V0mp3s


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