It's 632am, I'm still up, what am I doing up you say at this ugly hour? Well, I'm rushing the freshest, most moist, delectable treat for you. Shiner played the Echoplex in Los Angeles last night, it was glorious! 19 songs of pure unadulterated bliss! Highlight was Tim Dow playing "Brooks" and "My life As A Housewife!" I got to the plex at 5pm and hung out in Echo Park. Heard their soundcheck to Giant's Chair, Semper Fi, and Brooks. Got a chance to talk to Gerken before their soundcheck, dammit, he's smoking cigarettes again... oh well he tried quitting. Tim showed me blisters and a bandaid from not playing for 3 years on the kit. Jason Blackmore was there for moral support for Gerken of course! 3/4 of Roma 79 was there too, minus Rob Smith. Jeremy, Aaron and Andrew of Roma greeted me at the end of the show--all were stoked to be seeing the show of course. Tim mentioned that Garber was contemplating Braid @ the Troubadour the same evening, I saw Braid the night before but it was in Pomona which is a far jaunt for anyone to get to. Heard from my buddy Dan that Garber took some pics at the Shiner show, not sure if he tried making it for Braid tho... List of friends who went to the show last night: Armel Patanian (glad you made it!), Matt Boylan, Alex Crane, Ken Reddick, Chris Dwyer, Jaisen Ehas and Caitlin Garibaldi, Dan Kozak and the future Jake Kozak, Thomas Pharo, Lili Madrid, Josh Sound of a Vacuum Moeller, Jason & Andrea Casanova, Paxton (You & Me drummer from ex-Open Hand), Dave Ross, Larry Herweg, Derek Donley and his gal Nicole, Scott Halford, Ethan Novak (new Open Hand drummer/backing vocal)... and a bunch of ppl that I met before the show: from Phoenix, AZ, Seattle, WA... Here's the link! Now I sleep Shiner / V0 mp3


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