One Huge F**king Post To begin in a nutshell, 5 nights of shows will exhaust anybody.

Night #1 (Thursday, August 30th): Began with openers, Secrets in the Sky, Behold! The Monolith, Black Cobra and Saviours @ Los Globos. I only recorded the intense set of Black Cobra, love these guy sand I brought in vinyl jackets to be signed by both members (Thanks, Rafa!). Not only did I pay $15 to get in, the band gives me a bunch of FREE Swag!

Black Cobra / V0mp3

Night #2 (Friday, August 31st): Fake Figures headlining with support from War Widow and Badass Magic at Bonnerhaus. I was working the door the whole evening so I did not have the opportunity to record or film. Hearing the music from the other side of the door was a perk...

Night #3 (Saturday, September 1st): FYF Fest! Day #1, need I say more? Follow the links for your listening pleasure

Refused / V0mp3

Quicksand / V0mp3

Night #4 (Sunday, September 2nd): FYF Fest! Day #2

Hot Snakes / V0mp3

Converge / V0mp3

Night #5 (Monday, September 3rd): Most recent performance in about 9 years. To describe them, they are a supergroup; Aaron Turner of ISIS on guitar and vocals; Caleb Scofield (bass), and the other 2 who escapes my head bobbing dilemma. Ere it tis:

Old Man Gloom / V0mp3


  1. O.H.A.F.P....you forgot Awesome! ;)

  2. Thanks, Bliv! Did you record the NYC Quicksand show? Hope you did and hope it came out swell!


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