No, a miniature knife!

Live Wire 20th Anniversary in San Diego was a blast! My buddy Alex's dad was a former member of the band aMiniature in the first 5 years of its existence. There's even a picture of Eric Burtson (Alex's dad who played bass), with John Lee and "Tall" Larry (drums) above Eric's computer. Well, it was great meeting Larry and his wife for dinner with the Burtson's at Station in S.D.

We got to the show early and mingled for a bit. I was of course snooping around for info on the show that night. Found out that aMiniature and No Knife were playing 2 sets each! That made the night a whole lot more exciting.

I was snoopin' around for info on the aMiniature Tshirt that was talked about on their FB page. We found John Lee and he mentioned that Collin had the shirts. Well it was only probably 15 minutes later that I found Collin and introduced myself, I asked about the shirts and told him I would gladly pay him for one. I also brought Collin to Eric Burtson and "Tall" Larry. So Collin brought 3 shirts, just 1 short for Larry tho--during the ending of their 1st set, Collin threw a shirt and Alex caught one and gave it to Larry!

1st set of aMiniature featured songs on their unreleased album, "Monday's Tiger." John even mentions that there is a future for this album and may even see the light of day. NOTE: I snafu'd and didn't record the 1st 3 songs of the 1st set of aMiniature like a dolt I had the recorded on standby!

W/o further adieu, aMiniature from 10/20/12 @ the Lafayette Hotel!

aMiniature / V0mp3

2nd set of the night was the unforgettable sounds of No Knife! It was awesome!

No Knife set #1/ V0mp3

Thought I'd resurrect another show I recorded for the "Riot for Romance" CD release party on minidisc. The reason I was at this show was that Houston--one of my all time favorite bands was opening with Denali! What a night, that was the first time I heard Denali and should've recorded their set! Here's the Casbah show:

No Knife 2002/ V0mp3


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