Dirty in Mono

Hey folks, long time no talk, hope y'all are safe and cozy at home or wherever you may be. Been really let down by a smidgen portion of humanity regarding the shootings that happened yesterday. Really sad. I'm not a parent, but could you imagine? And now, how would a parent assure their children are safe? These are some scary times we live in. My heart goes out to the parents of those children that were taken too early from this life. Here's a boot from October 8th, 2012 of the Dirty Three at the Bootleg Theater. Warren, the violinist/pianist was very, very humorous--his banter was extremely funny at times. This early version of post rock is stripped down and bare. Beautiful and emotional at the same time. This recording is sort of low I guess due to it not being my usual fare of driving distorted guitars! Dirty Three / V0mp3s From 2 days before at the same venue. Mono from Japan are an exceptional quartet of post rock laden tunes. Beautiful and ethereal. Enjoy this set by Mono! Mono / V0mp3s


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