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Originally I was set out for going to see my brothers in Suns Of Orion @ Characters in Pomona. Then my friends noted that Set and Setting played a great set at 5 Star Bar while I was at the Troubadour for Palms. Unfortunately I didn't have enough juice in my batteries to record Suns Of Orion, BUT Rusty bailed me out on batteries to record Set and Setting later that evening.

Set and Setting began their set with their debut album opener, "Through the Unhindered Break of Day" which segued into their 2nd song, "Spiraling Uncertainties." They played a nice set of 4 songs, I mean fairly long songs. The bulk of the set was their last song called, "Essence of Paradox," which was a mind-blowing post rock driven tune. If you get a chance to see this band live, support the band if you like what you hear! Here's their set from July 14th, 2013.

Set and Setting / V0mp3

In 2011, I went to the Doll House to see Traindodge in support of their recently released EP, Remains. Little did I know or at least the people who saw Keli Raven was in for a treat! Keli Raven is serious! By no means is this band a joke, at the time I was in disbelief. A backing track of back up vocals, with some extra guitars AND a guest appearance from... Lemmy of Motorhead! Listen to this and be awakened, hehehe. This seriously did happen and was witnessed by a few...

Keli Raven / V0mp3

Same year, same show being talked about now. After Keli Raven's scorching set, Traindodge tore down the Doll Hut! It was a treat, they even played 2 songs off of "On A Lake Of Dead Trees." Also, note: there's a song on here that is even featured on their latest album, "Supernatural Disasters," called, "Disease Storm." This was a song that was streamable prior to the release of the recent album. This was their 4th performance in SoCal I believe [1st tour was with Riddle of Steel, 2nd show was at The Scene in Glendale from 2006, and the 3rd one was at Spaceland]. Without further adieu, here is Traindodge!

Traindodge / V0mp3


  1. What happened to the Traindodge show here? Could it be re-uploaded?

  2. It's still there, links are disappearing from posts... it's up!


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