DeafMarriages on Earth and Heaven

Live at the El Rey Theatre on Friday, April 25th, 2014. To begin the evening, I was really excited to see Marriages play some new material from their forthcoming album... AND THEY DID! They played a 30 minute set and it was great to hear I believe 3 new songs. However, I had seen 2 of the newer songs when they opened for Murder City Devils at the Observatory last year. Andrew Clinco played drums for this round of Marriages and he played with the greatest of ease. Marriages wouldn't be a haunting set without the core members of this band: Emma Ruth Rundle and Greg Burns--two of the most humblest musicians you'll ever meet!

I think this was my 2nd time seeing Earth but 1st time seeing them as a trio. The previous time was with a cellist whose name I have forgotten at the Echoplex. The main treat of this set was the fact that Earth played several new songs that will be released on their forthcoming album. It was good to see this band again and here is Earth!

Lastly, Deafheaven had finished the evening with probably the longest set I've ever seen them play. To reminisce, I lost track of how many times I've seen this band. I was lucky enough to see them play the Smell, the Bow and Sparrow, Echoplex, Glasshouse, Vacation Vinyl... but to see them on a bigger stage was awesome. So proud of these guys and how big they've gotten. And of course the accolades from their newest album, "Sunbather," is great. Here's Deafheaven:


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