The Cruelest Waves

The Cruelest Animal I know of goes by the human name, Alex Crane.  Actually he's one of the nicest people I know and is an outstanding drummer for another band called, Bear Baiting.  (Actually)^2 Alex is not even cruel at all, but only when he is sarcastic.  I guess you could call this his solo work as he is the guitarist, bassist, and drummer.  He was aided with keyboard programming by Grant Lewis.
The 3 song EP begins with what sounds like a siren looming in the distance.  A warning sound if you will right before the waves do consume us.  "After The Waves..." is all instrumental with a few samples here and there.  An interesting departure from the previous release which had guest vocals and guitar work from Intronaut, National Sunday Law, and the Great Wall.  This particular release is very occupied by keyboards upon the first several listens.
So listener, be brave and prepare to be devoured by the waves!


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