Houston, we have a Storied-Riddle-Train

This show was a "hike" for me, as its namesake it was very difficult to find in Goleta.  This small city is part of Santa Barbara and this was one of several times that I drove out to see a show, especially for Houston.  The band played a good set but the one track that stood out was my first time seeing "The Day She Cracked" live.  Unfortunately the PA was not very good and it was a small room.  Also, this was one of the shows that didn't close with their uber favorite closer "Romp."  Enjoy this set!

Hard to Find Place / V0mp3 / 2002-09-17

Houston played a venue near downtown San Francisco called "Kimo's."  Roma 79 opened and I might have their set on a Minidisc somewhere hopefully?  I was floored when they played a special intro part to "Waves" at the beginning of the set.  It was after the fact that I realized what it was and listening to the recording I was so glad that I captured it.  Unfortunately 2 of the tracks were cut because of a bad minidisc.  This will be one of my favorite live renditions of "Waves" tho...

Kimo's / V0mp3 / 2003-11-19

I flew out to Norman, Oklahoma for this show and actually stayed with Jason Smith of Traindodge for a couple days.  On the 11th, the band invited me to a rehearsal at their practice space so this was a privilege to capture.  NOTE: there was no room for a PA so I nicknamed the recording Karaoke session.  They played a nice selection of songs and they kicked ass the following night at the Conservatory.  Enjoy!

T-Dodge's Space / V0mp3 / 2004-06-11

The Storied Northwest opened for Traindodge and they became one of my favorite bands from KCMO.  It wasn't till recently that I noticed that they released their album on bandcamp finally after so many years of not having anything available for the public.  TSN's bandcamp is the link for their album and can be streamed.

The Conservatory / V0mp3 / 2004-06-12

This was the same night in the same building as the final show for my favorite Midwest Rock band, Houston.  7th Entry is a smaller room inside First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN and Riddle Of Steel played a great set.  It was bittersweet kissing Houston goodbye and I was glad to have captured the evening and thanks to my buddy, Fang, for also recording Houston.  This was one of the few soundboard recordings I've ever done and the sound guy was a stand up dude.  Unfortunately this recording suffered as it cut the final song short!  Enjoy!
7th Entry / V0mp3 / 2004-06-24


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