The Return Of Jeremy Enigk

Last night's show was phenomenal. For me it was a reunion of sorts seeing Mark Nichols performing again and with Jeremy Enigk. Bonus set from Jen Wood who I had last seen in 2002 with Houston and possibly No Knife, my memory fails me.

Mark Nichols set was intriguing that he was backed by his contraption (name of it escapes me, plus sadly I should have recorded his set and didn't). He sang into the mic while his instrumentation was on a backing track while the "machine" he created played numerous percussive instruments. He had a funny narration projected on the kick drum of his contraption in between songs that had the audience captivated. Mark's set reminded me of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. It was a great set and I hope that he releases the material that he played last night.

Jen Wood was backed by a band this time around with drums, bass, and guitar. She played piano on a massive keyboard and played a few songs acoustically. It was nice seeing that she is performing still. The first time I saw her perform was at The Casbah in San Diego. Jen played all acoustic songs for that performance in 2002 and now it just dawned on me who played with her and Houston that night. It was Denali who haunted the hell out of me that night, the music was great and very eerily dark. That was the first time I had heard Denali, wow...

And now for the main event--Jeremy Enigk had made no formal announcements for this particular show so I wasn't sure if it was with a band or solo. Surprisingly enough, he was accompanied by Mark Nichols who played a weird keytar/bass thing... contraption, if you will. Together they played a selection  of songs spanning Jeremy's career and it was beautiful. His voice sounded great with just the right amount of reverb in the Troubadour. Jeremy's acoustic guitars were perfect in the mix and the sound woman had him dialed in just right. I was so giddy whenever a song from his 1st solo record, "The Return Of The Frog Queen" was played. It was a magnificent night and foregoing a formal encore, Enigk played 3 Sunny Day Real Estate songs that excited the audience.

NOTE: I don't do acoustic sets that often and don't have much experience so there might be some distortion or artifacts in the mp3s. In fact, I listened to the original WAV and there were still "sounds" that I couldn't take out of the recording. I did my best, so enjoy this wonderful set.

Return Of Jeremy Enigk


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