If Houston Was A Person

Here's a video I uploaded last night for one of my favorite Houston songs called, "If You Were A Person." It was originally released on a split CDr with the Dames back in 2000 along with a cover of the Sundays song, "She." These two Houston songs were later released on "Live On Fish Island" but there was a mishap on the mastering that the clarity of the CD is a bit shoddy. I remember talking to Jeff saying that it is the way it is because it was meant to be a demo and B-sides album. A lot of my friends who bought the CD complain about the mastering job on the disc. Hence "Lo-Fi" or Low Fidelity.

At least the original release of the 2 songs mentioned here are intact for this particular CDr split with the Dames. There's another song that's on "Live On Fish Island" that was released on "The Ugly Tree EP," which was "You in the Room." That I have only a copy of a copy of the CDr that their manager had in his apartment. I will try to get a copy of the artwork tho...

Until then, enjoy this video of "If you were a person."

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