Try, Try, Fail!

Try this one on for size, here is a recent cassette rip I did for Failure's 4 song 1990 Demo. Some pretty interesting recordings and this was recorded without organic live drums as one may notice. 25 years old, wow, hope it's loud enough for you all. If I get a chance I'll upload the artwork from the cassette.


Another cassette rip of the Comfort Demos from 1991. All these songs are featured on the actual album. Have one with this one!

Demos1991Failure - Comfort


  1. Hello there! Could you please re-post these? I've been looking everywhere for these demos.

  2. I just noticed that the links were going nowhere, I just updated the links, try it again now.

    1. Oh wow thank you so much! I really appreciate it very much! I've been looking everywhere for the 1991 Comfort demo's, and the 1990 demo's I didn't even know existed. So that was a really cool surprise. Anyways, thanks again for all you do on here, please keep it up. It's actually getting hard to find places to download live Failure, Shiner, and Hum shows. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this by your post for Shiner on Last. FM. Thanks again man!


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