Weird, it's all Wrong

This is an ole set from year '07 when Open Hand opened for Wired All Wrong! This was a set that Jason Gerken played drums for the Hand. However, there was major off-tuneage for someone's guitar that evening for the Hand.

Matt Mahaffey and crew were great that night, however, there were a ton of backing tracks relying on the computer for that stuff. The core of the band was Mahaffey, Jeff Turzo (? anyone help me out here), a guitarist, bassist and drummer. The lesser core of the band were 3 back up singers dressed in labcoats. It was cool and it was nice hearing "Break Out the Battle Tapes" album live. This was the 2nd time seeing them since they had played the LA Detour Fest with Peeping Tom and Queens of the Stone Age. Enjoy this golden oldie!


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