PJ Harvey Danger

Last week Wednesday (August 17th) I was browsing through my email on campus and happened to see Goldenvoice's announcement for a 2nd show being added for PJ Harvey... BUT at the Fonda Theatre instead of the Shrine. I jumped on this opportunity immediately and glad it wasn't sold out *yet* at the time. I was ecstatic and luckily I had solid plans for the coming Friday evening.

I like the Fonda alot as being a big enough and not too small to cater to a musician such as PJ Harvey. Tickets were inexpensive ($35, but with fees it came out to $46) compared to the Shrine ($75 which includes all the fees). I was lucky that I didn't buy a ticket for the Thursday evening show.

This was the first time seeing PJ Harvey and of all years I have been a fan--I never sought out to get tickets for other past events. Boy, am I glad I did tho. It was definitely worth it and I heard ppl complain that the set was too new-album-centric, but nonetheless I was a happy boy to see her finally. No opener PLUS they didn't play any music prior to the set beginning at 930PM that Friday night.

PJ Harvey was backed by 9 guys in her band. It started off almost like a marching band which was unique and cool. I didn't know what to expect, but it was all around a good time indeed.

Tired... g'nite!


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