It's the 20th Anniv of Failure's Whisky A Go Go show!

It's midnight! The official 20th birthday/anniversary of Failure's show at the Whisky A Go Go that I commissioned for $85 for the master VHS tape. Enjoy this 21 song set from yesteryear. A phenomenal set of their three album repertoire. Was ripped from the VHS earlier this year but decided that this would be better to release on it's 20th! Originally my buddy transferred the VHS to DVD for me but didn't author it or split the songs--I had to re-transfer it so that it would be a crisp exchange to audio. Unfortunately I couldn't re-rip the DVD my friend burned for me cos the songs were split incorrectly in 5 VOB files for the entire set. I have the dongle for transferring to VHS, but need software to re-rip the footage better. Might try the Adobe Creative Cloud if I can do that.

This is newly remastered for loudness! Turn it up!


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