Veal and Ardor

What a great show at the Hi-Hat and I'm thankful for my buddy Jeremy for introducing me to this band about a month ago. Actually it was his friend whose name I forgot already that mentioned Zeal & Ardor on FB. So glad I went and wasn't disappointed at all with the performance. Zeal & Ardor had a total of 4 musicians playing instruments and 2 back up chanters flanking the singer/guitarist. At the beginning of the set, they wore long monk robes with hoods which eventually came off during their set since it was fairly warm inside. But the band fed off the energy from the audience, it was a great experience to see this band at an LA venue even though they were scheduled to play Psycho LV the next day. The singer/guitarist wrote all the music and it's impressive for fusing and melding 2 different ideas of music: black metal and gospel. Enjoy this interesting set by Zeal & Ardor. Have a g'nite out there in La La Land!



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