Happy 3,773 old Birthday to this dotcom

Happy 10 years and 5 months and almost 3 day old birthday to darshun.com! Wow, what a milestone, tonight I noticed that I'm almost at the 200,000 hits milemarker. Hope to reach that soon! Thank you for coming to my site, I really appreciate you all downloading the recordings. It means a lot to me! Summer is almost here and I'll be spending some time uploading some backlog stuff that I haven't released yet. The 17th of this month I'll be done with school for the semester, so looking forward to that. I need to rebuild el1011.com for sure, what a mess...

What a cool milestone! As of 12/30/08 is when I made the purchase for this domain. I've got some stuff to upload that's in the loading queue, hope to do some of that soon!


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