Fantastic Skeletons Through Key

This is a great album, I'm one of those who will listen to an entire record in a sitting. Even though this alb clocks in at around 35 minutes if I recall correctly, it has a myriad of moods from rockin' out to the mellow tunes of "Dear Reader." Also another thing to note is that D. Sardy (Barkmarket!) produced a majority of the tracks that he captured sonically. I remember seeing the original line up of Skeleton Key in the late 90s, Rick Lee on various percussive toys that he drummed up. Saw them at the Troubadour for a FREE show and I still have a flyer from that. I believe I caught them at Lollapalooza in 1997 when Failure played on the main stage (replacing Korn) and 2nd stages. I've seen the Key a couple times after, now figuring out that Erik Sanko is holding onto the name and the others have left. One of the shows was with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum whom Matthias Bossi was in briefly of the Skeleton Key. Well, this one's for memory lane for sure. Enjoy this Spike through Balloon!



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