Head Like a Road Map lyrics


1. waves
2. i'm not sayin' (i'm just sayin')
3. ugly tree
4. #12 looks just like you
5. ceaser, nero, next
6. an alternative to sleep
7. water
8. ditty one
9. buddy
10. romp
11. sex, guns and ear protection
12. waves

1. waves

did what you want me to...you know.
fit in a box for you...you know.
there was a person, now there's
pictures, ripped up letters and napkin notes.
when i get old who'll save face for me?...

2. i'm not sayin' (i'm just sayin')

he stepped into the 2 seater she said you'd
better not make any plans
he said "i have some ideas." she said
"well i have a list. it's my list
of demands and its not excessive
and its not too much."
he thought once twice in the 2 seat she
said, "youd better not think too hard."
he said, "i feel woozy." she said, "well my
head's like a road map. do you think
im scarred? i'm not scarred! and
its not excessive! and its not
too much!"
someday he'll find you out...(i hope i live
to see the day)
someday he'll find you out...(i hope that he pulls
through ok)
you say jump, he says how high?
well, whatever gets you by.
just keep this thought in the back of
your mind - 
i know some secrets...
and are they excessive?
and are they too much?

3. ugly tree

when i was born they planted and grew this
tree - and they cheered and they cried.
when it grew sick they stole from another
knowing full well i'd pay for it later
ten fold
its all just a story to tell in time 2x
when i was small i started to climb this
tree - and i climbed and climbed.
when i got scared they stole me a ladder
knowing full well i'd pay for it later ten fold.
and they were all there to say my words
and they were all there to make my mind
they gave me all that they said i'd want
cuz its all just a story to tell in time, in time,
...repeat that to yourself, boy.
i don't wanna fly anymore, i don't wanna float
anymore, i don't wanna fall anymore -
i just want to hit the hard, hard ground.
hope i hit every branch on the way down
hope i break every branch on the way down 2x
hope i take this whole damn tree down with me
ill never know if this is just what
you had in mind
but i'm through with fighting every battle that
you leave behind
and i'm through with pacifist ways to
which i have been so resigned
cuz this is not just another damn story
to tell in time
and you can preach me my problems...
at least they're all mine

4. #12 looks just like you

5. caesar, nero, next...

everything i know? that's the gift im
giving here and all around will know
of something wiser. everything i say?
i'm just shy of telling you and all
around will feel just that much richer
how long til you cover all these bets you make? you were
fine til you realized yours can bend a river straight and
mine is ordinary yes i am.
everything you hear? its because im
letting you and that should let you know
youre that much weaker. everything you
see? its because i'm letting you and
that should let you know you're that much
how long til you hold me down is suffocate? mine is
less than nothing to you since yours is filled with words
of weight.
the never time, the give it up? you're gonna wish it
all away. the you know best, the nothing worse? you're
gonna miss it all.
your deeper mind is not a match for one little look
in this eye.
your heavy words are nothing to the sincerity in
this reply.
and you will know
and you will hurt
and you'll know why
how long til your open eyes will clear the slate? its a
fine time to realize.
you can't bend - but i can't break.
and mine is ordinary yes i...
...if we make it to next time, you can carry me all the way.

7. water

the waters low
its going out now. its going back out
it messes my shore and runs away
the waters low
with heavy shoes on i'm going out now
to pick the things up its brought my way
never fails when i'm halfway through
it comes back again
i'm in love with the way light moves
when the surface bends
im at home in the cold, cold blue
i've just one request
(just) give me room if i come up for air
please give me room i'm coming up for air
i heard a white lie there'll be better
times than these
lead shoes and high tide?
there's no better time!
you've got 2 eyes and 10 toes - i see you
and you're not lifting one finger - i see you
so i'm not lifting one either.

8. ditty one

9. buddy

you lie awake too sick to sleep
in you tell yourself, "this is the
last time" once again
its hard to take each time it begins
but ride it out and seal the
deal with handshakes
you lie all day each time the crave comes
you tell yourself its something
that youve been through
and its getting late its
late enough now youve worn
yourself down just enough to buy
what you say
youll be better when its gone better
in the long run - much worse for
it now.
whyd you take this on? why'd you bring
this home?
it grows old, but youve grown older now,
so make peace with what you owe.

10. romp

11. sex, guns, ear protection

theyre supposed to be dancing to gun shots
in the basement of a gun shop...
...thats what it said.
instead i'm trying to map out something that
took too long and didnt make any sense
in a bar that scottie said was
too loud ("its too loud in here!")
this never made into the movie that
it was for, but theres nothing
sexy about gunshots or gun shops
hindsight is 20/20 and often funny.
and even if you knew me, this still
wouldnt make any sense.

12. waves

dont think i'm here today, you know
dont mean to be this way, you know
in shallow eyes theres shallow comfort
in mending words that you don't make
when i get old please save face for me
when my sights red and
my hands shake.
watered down me for you, you know.
lacked on the follow through, you know.

when i proudly go my own way
i proudly make my same mistakes,
when i get old please save face for
me when my sights poor (red) and
my bones ache.
my chests burning 2x 1x
but the more i try the more i
when i get old don't listen to me just
hold my hand until i break

i tried my best then i tried harder
thats when things got their worst yet
i know some things i'll try to remember
and i know some things i'll forget.


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