Shiny like a Dog Farting on Barry's Car

Here's a rip direct from what was once a sealed copy sent to me of Dogshine's debut, "Barry's Car." This is a great alb and y'all should pay your respects and listen to this...

Jeff Halland, Lane Soderberg, and Kebs on drums. There's some solid tunes on this and reflects Halland's magnificent voice and guitar work.

It's 241am on an early Tuesday morning and I can't sleep because I am caffeinated from a 4pm soda that was consumed. Sort of manicky, but not really panicky.

Enjoy these 10 songs for your perfusal perusal. Love thy dogshine.

320 mp3

V0 mp3


  1. Thanks Darshun! Just got a physical copy of Live on Fish Island so I'm digging on the back catalogs. Just grabbed the re-ducks too! Stoked!!


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