Can't Tell Jerry Cantrell Solo

Earlier this month, the 1st Friday of December I saw Jerry Cantrell and had decided to go on the day of without a ticket. This 2nd show that was added had been sold out for awhile and so I reluctantly looked up FacePlate to see if there were any "sellers" on the event page. I lucked out and got a ticket while managing to make last minute arrangements with my cousin for lodging after the show. It took a couple hours on the bus and walking to the venue to get there, but boy was it worth it to see Jerry and whoever he brought along with him for the show.

I got there a little before doors opened at 7pm, however news hit on twitter that Jerry wasn't going on until 9pm. I'm not sure if an opener was not completely secured for the show, but nonetheless, we had to wait that long for the set to make magic. I didn't know what to expect, would it be Degradation or Bogey Depot songs for the evening. Were we all in for a pleasant surprise, he went through the set gracefully with a mixture of his solo material and Alice in Chains ranging from the Layne Staley songs to the William Duvall tunes. It was awesome. Every song was greeted with cheer. Just to let you all know, I hadn't seen 'Chains since 1993 at the Irwindale Dam for Lollapalooza (the year that TOOL/RATM played with Primus). This was such a wonderful surprise, "Down in a Hole" blew me away and Jar of Flies radio hit, "No Excuses."

The line up: Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Black Queen) singing in place of Duvall and Staley. Gil Sharone played drums (The Dillinger Escape Plan - Ire Works, Open Hand's upcoming release, Weirdo). There was a lap steel guitarist, 2 rhythm guitarists, bassists, and an additional backup female vocalist. Full band eh? Super awesome sounding.

Oh yeah, the venue is fairly new, Pico Union Project but is an old church with a slanted floor allowing the people in the back a view of the stage. the pews were taken out for general audience/standing room only. However there was ADA (American's with Disability Act) near the front on the left (stage right).
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