Houston, nice to have you back!

This past weekend was a glorious blur of good times. I missed the Lacrosse, WI show since it replaced what would've been in Duluth, MN that fell through sort of last minute. However, I was able to capture the Mankato and Minneapolis shows and it was a return to form for the beloved powertrio. 

Mankato is located about an hour and a half away from Minneapolis so I trekked via Greyhound and Air B n B'd the night. It was absolutely worth it. I gotta keep it brief for now since I have to wake up early tomorrow. I will add more to this post tho in the evening if time allows either tomorror or Wednesday.


Mankato, MN show:

320 rip


Variable Bitrate 0 rip


Minneapolis, MN show:

320 rip

Variable Bitrate 0 rip


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