In The Tank of Abrams

Hailing from the high country of Denver, CO's own Abrams arrived on May 17th, 2023 at Permanent Roadhouse Records. It was a stacked bill with Moon Fuzz as the opener and Bleak Heart closing the night out. I was impressed with Moon Fuzz, a powertrio of ladies, that included a cover of King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man" that was top notch.

Abrams 2nd show in California in support of their 4th album, "In The Dark (Small Stone Records)." They performed a few songs off this record and added another barrage of songs that they're writing already for their future-forthcoming record. The highlight of the set for me was "Better Living," a crooner track from their latest and my favorite. "Higher High" was their final song they performed for the night and was quite memorable from their soundcheck. 

Constant Bitrate 320mp3s:

Variable Bitrate V0mp3s:

Here's the video on YouTube:


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