2000 Astronauts

Prior I posted my remaster job of You'd Prefer An Astronaut, but I had added too much gain that produces audio artifacts throughout the album. So this is a bit more tame than the job before. I finally got a DAC that it was evident that the output of Version 1 was distorted. I am now pulling back the gain more so that there's breathing room for the wav to fluctuate. 

I remastered straight from the CD of Electra 2000 as well, hopefully this is the version I won't have to redo. 

I redid the remaster for Tool's Undertow since it's such a quiet recording on CD.

Going forward I will be taming the amount of gain I add to the remaster jobs I do here. 

Electra 2000 320mp3


Electra 2000 V0mp3


You'd Prefer An Astronaut 320mp3


You'd Prefer An Astronaut V0mp3


Undertow 320mp3


Undertow V0mp3



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