Happy Nude Years!

Well, tonight I've been working on a Sunny Day Real Estate show from 2000 and am halfway thru it. It took a good hour to do half the set which is about 50min long. This is a show that a friend from the http://sunnydayrealestate.net sent to me to see if I can do a good job eq'ing this beast. Thanks, Luke, for recording these 3 shows. It's nice to hear ole sets of Sunny Day.

Here is a list of shows that I've recorded recently or in the month of December:

20091221 Harrassor
20091221 Black Cobra
20091219 El Ten Eleven
20091216 Tera Melos
20091216 Melt-Banana
20091214 The Outline (opening for Mew)

I will update my site, but I'm going to go for an Xbox 360 break for a bit. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!


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