Take That With My 'Open Hand'

Well, well, well, last night was a rager when Open Hand hit stage. Wish there were a photographer there to get a business card from, alas, there was just the plain old point and shoot folks. Oh well, at least the show came out well on the Ed. Soundguy definitely had some trouble mixing the so many mics on stage... 1 for Ryan, 2 for Justin, 3 for Keyboardist duder, and THREE more mics for the Angels!!! Oh yeah, did I tell ya it was packt? There were shit ton of folks for the Hand!!! Which was nice!

OHHHHHHH, the real joy for a person who's seen the Hand for the past few years, they started the set with a different song!!! PHEW! Change it up man! Thank goodness!!! They opened with "Werden (tentatively called?)," one of the heavier songs on the New Album instead of their usual "Hard Night" intro and song from their "You and Me" album. They played a couple more new numbers from "Honey" which were, "Cool" and "Herons." I was so looking forward to hear "Herons" live even though Matt Talbott sings on the album version. Goodness gracious, that song rockt live!!!

Alex Organ (for those not in the know is Jason Gerken's half brother) pounded the drums last night. He was so damn unforgiving! Relentless! It runs in the family I guess. The rest of the band was tight! The Angels add a new dimension to the band, making it funner? Shit, that's not even a word, but funner is what I'm going to run with and say about this new lineup!!!

Gently uploading this show now to the server... T-minus 20 minutes:

Open Hand V0/mp3


  1. Awesome recording!!! Thanks for recording the hand. Us east coasters are dying for some action from these guys

  2. Thanks for the compliment! Hopefully if their myspace is on par, we'll see a release of the album *maybe* in February. Hmmm, I need to visit Anodyne's webby!!! Oh yeah, I'm going to try to set up an interview with Justin re: the new album hopefully he'll let me do it. I want to do a podcast of this!!! I will keep everyone posted!

  3. Oh, BTW, just found this!!! http://anodynerecords.com/bands/openhand/

  4. well done. werden is such a jam. who the fucking are these "angels" though? groupies?

  5. The Angels, well, I believe they're hired "hands" as far as I know. I haven't spoken to Justin in awhile, so I guess they're a "packaged deal."


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