Lucky Autos/Record Store Day

Wow, I'm half awake as I type this cause I'm recovering from Record Store Day @ Amoeba today. RSD was a mess. Some ppl were helpful, others were just plain out of line to get what they want. Pretty ridiculous. Glad I got there @ 845am. The line was terribly long for the Smashing Pumpkins in store, however the single from their forthcoming album is so BAD!!!

Well, last night's Autolux show was GREAT! A slew of new songs were perfromed. I was leaning against the wall on the right hand side of the monitors. It was a very sold out shows. It ran a bit late with Franz Nicolay starting a little after 1030pm. This was an uber late night show, which is the reason why I'm nodding off as i type this)... zzzz. Autolux hit the stage a little before midnite which I thought was ridiculous. Almost missed my ride home, but the driver for Access is cool w/me. I didn't have an opportunity to get a setlist, but what was really annoying is that Carla's name was called several times during the set. oh well. Ok, my eyes are partially closed now. I'm sending this to my buddy for him to eq it for me on his rig! Hope my friend has time to do it soon!


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