Philming Casually Ministry

Wow, what an awesome night last night was. Philm played first and absolutely slayed!!! Dave Lombardo will just not stop playing fast. Pancho and Jerry did a terrific job of doing what they do best (Bass & Guitar/Vox)!!! This is my 3rd time seeing Philm and boy they set the bar high!

Next on was It's Casual. They put on a helluva show. Eddie always brings the rock as well as Tom. Full of energy these two shredded thru their repertoire. I love "the New Los Angeles!!!"

Fireball Ministry was awesome. Stoner rock at its grooviest. The rhythm guitarist reminded me of my buddy, Renee, who I played in a band with. Perhaps her doppelganger? This set was great for a closer for me since I couldn't stick around for Hillybilly Herald.

In due time I will have these sets for D/L. I'm getting backed up for 2010 already!!!

Happy 4/20 all!!!


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