Caspian Of The Calculus Horizon

YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I'm catching up on shows, but also getting behind in uploading them up for you!!!

Caspian March 25th, 2010 Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA

These guys were amazing! My virgin ears were ringing. I went to this show not having heard Caspian and went cause of peer pressure from 5tuart and 5pencer. Boy this night was great, opening for Caspian were Beware Of Safety and Arms & Sleepers. All bands were fantastic! Caspian put on a solid set and Phil said that this show is to make up for the past 3 years that they haven't been here to play a show. Loved every note. Glad these guys had the opportunity to open for Red Sparowes and Fang Island in the midwest. Here is their set:

Caspian / V0mp3

...Of The Horizon March 28th, 2010 Mountain Bar, Los Angeles, CA

A free show??? GET OUT OF HERE!!! Heck yeah on being ever present for the Horizon!!! Fell in love with this band ever since they played their show with Black Cobra @ the Relax Bar!!! A-mazing! But this night was special cause they played a nice set with a NEW song. I recently spoke to Steve (drummer) and he said that they're still working on the title to that one AND that they have a ton of new material in the works. Without further adieu:

...Of The Horizon / V0mp3

Professor Calculus May 1st, 2010 KAOS Network, Los Angeles, CA

Man, this area is not safe. A bum with an open gash wanting to fight and harassing the patrons waiting for the doors to open. Yeah, that'll be my last time there. Forget that place!!! But here is some math rock for your ears to settle down in your spacesuit and spaceship:

Professor Calculus / V0mp3


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