Fang Motif

The last 2 nights of dredg were incredible and both differed a bit. 1st night sold out the day of the show and there was people getting rough during the entire set even during the slow songs. My buddy and I couldn't figure that out but at least the 2nd night was relaxed and no roughness around the edges. Both nights the sets were similar but mixed up for good measure. Oh yeah, these shows and small tour was a celebration for the release of Leitmotif (11th year anniversary), which featured said album in the set. Pretty sweet and Gus the opera singer who sang on the album also sang both nights. At the show for the merch they were selling pre-orders for the Leitmotif vinyl. Enjoy the 1st night of dredg at the Troubadour.

dredg / V0mp3

Thanks Alex for telling me about this band, I'm in love with this band and its ruckus energy! They played at Amoeba for a FREE in-store and they were GRREEAAATTTT!!!! Enjoy this set. NOTE: there were technical difficulties at the soundcheck and the bass is a little loud at the beginning.

Fang Island / V0mp3


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