Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Escape the Buried and Me

Tickets went onsale in January if I recall correctly, or incorrectly for a show on May 20th, 2013 for The Dillinger Escape Plan with The Faceless and Royal Thunder.  "One of us is the killer" was released about a week before and it is their most brutal work yet.  I've been a fan since the band released "Calculating Infinity" and first saw them with Mr. Bungle during the "California" tour.  They have come a long way with this new release.  Too many favorites on this "killer" album!  The Chain Reaction show featured songs from their many releases and they played 2 songs off of the latest album as well.  Without a further adieu:

The Dillinger Escape Plan / V0mp3s

2 1/2 years ago I saw Between the Buried and Me at the House of Blues Sunset with Animals As Leaders and TesseracT.  This was an awesome show since it was BTBAM's headlining show.  They almost went a little shy of 80min for the enitre set, it was an amalgamut of their releases right up to the Parallax I: Hypersleep Dialogues.  They played a medley of an assortment of songs dating back to their self-titled release.  It was a night to remember, I was near the pit but as far as I could stand without being in the pit to record.

Between The Buried And Me (2011)/ V0mp3s

The 2010 set was from The Fox Theater; a package tour of Mastodon, Between the Buried and Me, Baroness, and Valient Thorr.  A night to remember, this is the 1st version of this particular release because I will be reissuing the louder version later when I have time.  Enjoy this set!

Between The Buried And Me (2010)/ V0mp3s

Aeges of Steel-Sonic Train

A late nighter, got a bunch of shows uploaded to the server. A few of these shows are old-ish, but have been kicking and screaming to be released!

My buddies in Aeges features members of Pelican, Juliette & the Licks, 16, and Undertow.  This may have been the last incarnation as Mark Holcomb left the band in the past year or so.  There were a few shows that they played as a powertrio with Kemble filling out as much as possible without the 2nd guitar.  The songs featured here is from their first album, "The Bridge."  A great album on Mylene Sheath and Aeges is a force to reckon with as they have added a 2nd guitarist/backup vocals in Cory.  Can't wait for the new tunes, guys!  They've been in the studio lately recording their sophomore release.

Aeges / V0mp3s

On March 11, 2005 I flew out to Kansas City, MO (KCMO for short) to see 3 of my favorite Midwest Rock bands: Riddle of Steel, Traindodge, and The Life and Times!  What a night it was, spread out in 2 venues in 1 night!  Riddle of Steel was Andrew Elstner (of Torche as 2nd guitarist/back up vocals), Jimmy Vavak (Five Deadly Venoms), and Rob Smith (of Traindodge and Roma 79).  This particular show was at the Hurricane and the Riddle set was in support of "Got This Feelin'."  Played the faves off this record and more, it was a short set since they were not headlining.  The short set was intended to catch the Life and Times set at the Brick, which was a few miles away from the Hurricane.  I'll be re-doing the Traindodge set from the Hurricane as well as the Life and Times set from the Brick soon.  But here's the Riddle of Steel set:

Riddle Of Steel / V0mp3s

The Scene in Glendale is no more, it then became LaBrie's and that was extremely short-lived.  But this was one of those nights that I recall as being a beast of an evening with 2 of my favorite Midwest Rock bands: Traindodge and Dropsonic.  Traindodge had released "Wolves" and Dropsonic had a few unreleased songs that would be on "Low Life."  Traindodge can be described as a darker/heavier Shiner and Dropsonic a bluesier Shiner.  Give them a spin, it's FREE as usual on my blog!

Traindodge / V0mp3s
Dropsonic / V0mp3s

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Re: Review of Ghost Idols Debut EP

I have to say I'm fairly biased to my buddy's in Ghost Idols and have to say that the songs, production, and execution are amazing. Joe Nathan (guitar/vocals), Rob Arbuckle (bass/screams) and Christopher Dwyer (skins) do a fine job of mixing a slew of influences that I have come to love. Pelican, Torche, Shiner, and Hum are some of those influences that this EP reminds me of...

Listening to the rim work on "Shrines" reminds me of the time when I played guitar with Christopher awhile back with another friend on guitar, Mark James--Christopher is a dynamic drummer and his style on the skins reminds me of the mighty Jason Gerken or Tim Dow. Christopher is also a engineer/producer extraordinaire at Mystery Mammal Studios in LA, definitely a nice studio too, my band will be recording there for sure!

I spoke to Joe RE: their tuning and from what I recall it reminded me of how Chavez tune their guitars as well as Allen Epley's for "Day Eleven." This will be the first time that Joe is singing for Ghost Idols. In his previous projects he was mainly guitar and backup vocals.

Rob and Christopher definitely lock it in for the entire duration of this fine debut EP. Rob's bass work adds the edge on songs like "Heathens," and the EP closer "From Pieces That Will Rise."

Grab this EP for FREE while you can--it was just released today!

D/L here=>Ghost Idols / Bandcamp 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Toti Mode Torche then a Polygraph?

Last night's show was epic! All three bands played great! I'm pooped, I haven't slept since the day before! I need rest again!

Totimoshi played the early set, unfortunately fell victim to a small crowd at 830pm, but they played with heart and rocked the Troubadour.  More people entered as the set went.  Derrick, the new drummer for Totimoshi, is the latest addition to this powertrio.

Totimoshi / V0mp3s

Canada's finest noise monsters, KEN Mode, came through a 2nd time in SoCal in a span of a few months to the Troubadour that night.  I've been listening to their latest, "Entrench," and it's a beast of an album.  They played 8 songs spanning from I think 5 albums--just looked at their wiki and I need "Mongrel!"  BTW, I met the band at their first LA show a couple years back and we had a hole in the wall Mexican food before the Blvd show.  Nice guys, seriously, they brought the noise with 'em.  Listening to their set now and remember what a brilliant set it was.

KEN Mode / V0mp3s

Miami's Torche laid down the law that Saturday night.  It was nice to see them again at the Troubadour.  Steve and crew are always down to sign stuff, so I brought my Songs for Singles (teal colored) vinyl, Split with Part Chimp, Harmonslaught 7" and for Andrew Elstner, he signed my Tilts LP as well.  Nice to see Andrew in a band that tours a lot and prolific at releasing material often!  This set was a crusher, 21 songs and all the hits!  They never disappoint live and always have that beyond djent tuning...   Pop metal songs at its finest!

Torche / V0mp3s

This was the first show that I hosted sort of as a promoter. One of my favorite LA bands, Polygraph, played that night at Italiano's.

Polygraph / V0mp3s

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kowloon Marriages

Good morning! The following sets were uploaded this morning for your downloading pleasure! 1st is Kowloon Walled City, a very cool band from San Francisco. That evening I told the guitarist that his band reminded me of a heavier Quicksand, low and behold he was wearing the reunion concert T-shirt under his jacket. Kowloon Walled City is an awesome band and I would recommend seeing these guys live.

Kowloon Walled City / V0mp3

Emma Ruth Rundle, Greg Burns, and David Clifford created these lush soundscapes at the Smell. I believe this would be David's last show mainly on drums and sparse guitar until the next fill in drummer. Great band to see live and they never disappoint. Marriages is opening for Boris next week Thursday at the Echoplex.

Marriages / V0mp3

*both of these sets have been made louder in Audacity.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Shiner in 3D

Just kidding, as per from a previous post I learned how to make my bootlegs sound louder, thus, one of my all time favorite bands gets the treatment AGAIN! Last time, blast time!

Shiner reunion / V0mp3s