Aeges of Steel-Sonic Train

A late nighter, got a bunch of shows uploaded to the server. A few of these shows are old-ish, but have been kicking and screaming to be released!

My buddies in Aeges features members of Pelican, Juliette & the Licks, 16, and Undertow.  This may have been the last incarnation as Mark Holcomb left the band in the past year or so.  There were a few shows that they played as a powertrio with Kemble filling out as much as possible without the 2nd guitar.  The songs featured here is from their first album, "The Bridge."  A great album on Mylene Sheath and Aeges is a force to reckon with as they have added a 2nd guitarist/backup vocals in Cory.  Can't wait for the new tunes, guys!  They've been in the studio lately recording their sophomore release.

Aeges / V0mp3s

On March 11, 2005 I flew out to Kansas City, MO (KCMO for short) to see 3 of my favorite Midwest Rock bands: Riddle of Steel, Traindodge, and The Life and Times!  What a night it was, spread out in 2 venues in 1 night!  Riddle of Steel was Andrew Elstner (of Torche as 2nd guitarist/back up vocals), Jimmy Vavak (Five Deadly Venoms), and Rob Smith (of Traindodge and Roma 79).  This particular show was at the Hurricane and the Riddle set was in support of "Got This Feelin'."  Played the faves off this record and more, it was a short set since they were not headlining.  The short set was intended to catch the Life and Times set at the Brick, which was a few miles away from the Hurricane.  I'll be re-doing the Traindodge set from the Hurricane as well as the Life and Times set from the Brick soon.  But here's the Riddle of Steel set:

Riddle Of Steel / V0mp3s

The Scene in Glendale is no more, it then became LaBrie's and that was extremely short-lived.  But this was one of those nights that I recall as being a beast of an evening with 2 of my favorite Midwest Rock bands: Traindodge and Dropsonic.  Traindodge had released "Wolves" and Dropsonic had a few unreleased songs that would be on "Low Life."  Traindodge can be described as a darker/heavier Shiner and Dropsonic a bluesier Shiner.  Give them a spin, it's FREE as usual on my blog!

Traindodge / V0mp3s
Dropsonic / V0mp3s


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