Toti Mode Torche then a Polygraph?

Last night's show was epic! All three bands played great! I'm pooped, I haven't slept since the day before! I need rest again!

Totimoshi played the early set, unfortunately fell victim to a small crowd at 830pm, but they played with heart and rocked the Troubadour.  More people entered as the set went.  Derrick, the new drummer for Totimoshi, is the latest addition to this powertrio.

Totimoshi / V0mp3s

Canada's finest noise monsters, KEN Mode, came through a 2nd time in SoCal in a span of a few months to the Troubadour that night.  I've been listening to their latest, "Entrench," and it's a beast of an album.  They played 8 songs spanning from I think 5 albums--just looked at their wiki and I need "Mongrel!"  BTW, I met the band at their first LA show a couple years back and we had a hole in the wall Mexican food before the Blvd show.  Nice guys, seriously, they brought the noise with 'em.  Listening to their set now and remember what a brilliant set it was.

KEN Mode / V0mp3s

Miami's Torche laid down the law that Saturday night.  It was nice to see them again at the Troubadour.  Steve and crew are always down to sign stuff, so I brought my Songs for Singles (teal colored) vinyl, Split with Part Chimp, Harmonslaught 7" and for Andrew Elstner, he signed my Tilts LP as well.  Nice to see Andrew in a band that tours a lot and prolific at releasing material often!  This set was a crusher, 21 songs and all the hits!  They never disappoint live and always have that beyond djent tuning...   Pop metal songs at its finest!

Torche / V0mp3s

This was the first show that I hosted sort of as a promoter. One of my favorite LA bands, Polygraph, played that night at Italiano's.

Polygraph / V0mp3s


  1. Great show. Nice meeting you and thanks for the recording.

    1. No problem, likewise, hope to see you at another show!


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