Black Wolv

I just submitted my review of last night's show at the Complex for Black Cobra/Wolvhammer/Ancient Altar/Arachnigod.  A great show and Black Cobra may have played a new song last night as well from their forthcoming album which'll probably be due in the 3rd quarter of 2015 (my guess!).  The first song I couldn't figure out so my haunch and a friend's guess is that it's the new song!  Last night marked my 2nd time seeing Wolvhammer--1st tim was at Profound Lore's/Scion A/V fest with Yob as the headliner.  They were great!  Ancient Altar was also fantastic--I had been waiting for them to play a proper Los Angeles date and I didn't want to miss another opportunity!  Arachnigod was lukewarm for me so I didn't record their set last night.

NOTE: The first song is "Frozen Night" off the FREE Metal Swim Compilation (Adult Swim) which in this zip file is "Untitled."

Here's Black Cobra's set:

Here's Wolvhammer's set:

I didn't have time to do Ancient Altar's set yet.... maybe this weekend...

Here's a video that smitterous filmed of Black Cobra:


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