Intro Ancient Not Altar

December 11th, 2014 was the night that Black Cobra / Wolvhammer / Ancient Altar / Arachnigod played the Complex.  What a night!  Here's a recap from that evening:

Metal Assault: Black Cobra...

Without further adieu, here is Ancient Altar's set!

Here's Metal Assault's review of last night's Intronaut 10th Anniversary show at the Roxy:

Metal Assault: Review of Intronaut

Leon Del Muerte played 2 songs reuniting the 1st incarnation of Intronaut for this special anniversary show.  The 2nd special guest was Justin Chancellor who played bass on the song, "Valley Of Smoke."  What a great night, I had an opportunity to watch the opening bands of the evening so I might submit a review of The Great Wall (possibly final performance), Silver Snakes, and Ides Of Gemini--who were all great!  Here's the Intronaut set:


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