A Complex Escape Plan

Let's see this show was on June 14th of this year of lovely 2015. I believe I received an invite to the event page via Facebook through Church of the 8th Day & Daniel Dismal the night before. It was a secret show that the Dillinger Escape Plan added to their mini tour at the time. I still recall the windows being steamy after their blistering set--each song a tiny explosion and burst of energy from this quintet. Oh yeah, Greg Puciato was hanging off the sprinkler system at one point of the show--Daniel Dismal almost had a hernia from watching that happen thinking that the pipe would burst. Also, I'm trying to remember that a lot of people got on stage during 43% Burnt and they were all vying for mic time to scream along with Greg.

I'd have to say this is the smallest venue other than seeing them at the Knitting Factory main stage with Dmitri on vocals eons ago. Finally got around to mastering this set for your perusal.



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