Sans Knife

On All Hallow's Eve, No Knife played a sold out show in San Diego at the Casbah. My buddy Dave who went to the show remarked afterwards that the set was heavy on "...Hit Man Dreams..." and lacked a portion of material from the latter albums ("Fire in the City of Automatons" and "Riot For Romance"). For me tho it was satisfying to hear these tunes since I saw them play with Pond at the Alligator Lounge in Santa Monica in the late 90s or so. I was a happy boy!

No Knife dressed up all like Robert Smith with wigs (Mitch took his off I think or didn't have one) and called themselves The Smiths. Not too sure who originally recorded/performed "Strange" but they did play 2 or 3 Cure songs that were nice. Last cover of the night was "Lip" by Rocket From The Crypt which was a highlight. Oh, Rocket From The Crypt was supposed to play the same evening on Halloween at Bar Pink in San Diego, but heard from Jeff Reece (Inch bassist before Kristian Dunn) that it was cancelled.


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