Sol King

The Deathkings were on fire last Friday. I was really impressed with the first song, "Sol Invitus," which clocks roughly less than 20 minutes. A sonic journey that spans from mostly slow doom riffs and then later in the song it gets to break neck speed. A 20 minute song is a huge undertaking to write and the background vocals of Mark Lüntzel (guitar) and Daryl Hernandez (guitar) aided their comrade, Nicolas Rocha, into a nice doomy choir. It was so great for the Deathkings to open up for Black Cobra and Yob (much thanks to the Church of the 8th Day + Daniel Dismal) and I wouldn't have miss this good opportunity to see all 3 bands together on one stage! Such a memorable night. Deathkings followed up with their contribution to a split with Rozamov, called "Solomon," and closed the night with roughly 15 minute-plus song, "Destroyer." Thanks to Nic, Mark, Daryl, and Sean for such a solid performance!


  1. Hey man! Where is that ENVY set from the El Rey?!?! :)

  2. I'll work on that today, it will get posted!


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